Alpha marketer — “21 days digital marketing career Kickstarter challenge” Review

Mukund rai
3 min readAug 2, 2020

Do You Want to learn digital marketing practically?

Do you want to build your personal brand?

DO you want to kick start your career in digital marketing?

Then you must know about a platform where you will learn all these. Yeah, there is an outstanding course to experience. That is the “21 Days Digital Marketing Career Kick-starter Challenge”.

“Think about what the user is going to type”- Matt Cutts

Hey,’ I’m Mukund Rai, an enthusiastic biotechnologist. Like other Biotech students, I also dream a lot about my biotechnology career but didn’t get a job I dreamed about.

So, I decided, will help people to find their pathway to the dream. After doing my SWOT Analysis, found that Digital marketing is the platform through which I can fulfill my dream.

I started getting knowledge of digital marketing through blogs, YouTube videos. I also joined two online courses but only got a few bookish information. So I was searching for online courses that give me practical knowledge.

One day I found an ad of Alpha marketer Academy on Instagram, after that I go through three videos and course detail, decided to give a try, then I’ll just enroll because it’s free. But after I joining got to know this course is more than my expectation.

About the course -21 Days Digital Marketing Career Kick-starter Challenge-

It is an online digital marketing course, created for people who want to learn Digital Marketing practically. Here, you can learn the course through short videos, quizzes.

After learning, you can implement your learning through practical tasks. If you stuck somewhere while learning, can clear your doubt through weekly Q&A session and Alpha marketer private group.

You will learn here –

· Human psychology

· Website creation

· Blog writing

· Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

· Google Analytics

· Lead Magnets,

· Landing pages

· Facebook Ads

· Google Ads

· Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

· Crafting a Winning Digital Marketing Resume

· Nailing an interview like a pro & Become a digital marketing freelancer.

To complete this challenge/course, you to have complete all the 6 practical tasks within 21 days. After completing all the practical tasks and assignments, you will get a 100% refund money back and a certificate of digital marketing.

My Accomplishments -

· I gained my confidence, which I lacked earlier.

· Now I have a website and have written my first blog post.

· I get to know about my passion through niche selection.

· I have access to Alpha marketer private group which motivates me to move forward.

Someone who is passionate to start a career in Digital Marketing or people who want a career to switch into digital marketing can join this program and grow with the help of an enthusiastic Mentor.

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